Joe Cisneroz – Owner

Joe has been in the beauty/barbering industry since 1969, he as been a salon owner since 1978. Since then Joe has been dedicated to this industry with so much passion. Staring out working in a barbershop, he developed a great strong work ethic for barbering. And has been successfully running his salon for over 30 years.

After going to his first “Professional Hair Show” he knew he had picked an amazing career to be in. Joe is able to do ALL barber cuts, whether you are looking for just a clean up around the ears or wanting a “high and tight flat top”, he can do it all. Joe is always listening to his clients to give them exactly what they are wanting, which is why every client is always satisfied. Joe is a Vidal Sassoon cutter, trained in San Francisco, not only specializing in Barber haircuts. Joe is constantly continuing his education with new cutting techniques with Redken.

Every 18 months Hair Illusions attends education at The Redken Exchange in New York City, where it is a few days of intense training on the latest trends in the beauty industry. As well as attending the Redken Symposium that happens every other year in Las Vegas, where stylist from around the world come to train with Redken on the newest techniques in the beauty industry. So if you are in need for a great haircut from a more than experienced barber, please call for an appointment with Joe at Hair Illusions.