Haircuts & StylesAssociateLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4ALevel 4AA
Women's Haircuts$34$38$42$46$50$54$58
Men's Haircut$19$23$27$31$35$39$43
Child's Haircut (12 & under)$14$18$22$26$30$34$38
Bang Trim$5$5$5$5$5$5$5
Special Occasion Style$44$49$54$59$64$69$74
Flat or Curling Iron, Hot Rollers$1 per minute
Shampoo & Blow Dry$19$23$27$31$35$39$43
Conditioning Services$20$20$20$20$20$20$20
Hair Color ServicesAssociateLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4ALevel 4AA
Color; up to 4 oz. $49$54$59$64$69$74$79
Overlays & Add On Color$10$10$10$10$10$10$10
Corrective Colorby consultation only
Full Foils; 31+ foils$69$74$79$84$89$94$99
Partial Foils; 11 to 30 foils$59$64$69$74$79$84$89
Per Foil; up to 10 foils$7$7$7$7$7$7$7
Color Glazing$35$35$35$35$35$35$35
Men's Partial Color$26$31$36$41$46$51$56
Brow Tint$10$10$10$10$10$10$10
Hair Texture & TreatmentsAssociateLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4ALevel 4AA
Full Perm; 31+ rods$69$74$79$84$89$94$99
Partial Perm; 11 to 30 rods$59$64$69$74$79$84$89
Per Rod; up to 10 rods$7$7$7$7$7$7$7
Keratin Treatment 1 oz.$189$199$209$219$229$239$249
Each Additional oz.$50$50$50$50$50$50$50
Straightening Blowout$124$129$134$139$144$149$154
Redken Chemistry Treatment$25$25$25$25$25$25$25
Deep Conditioning Treatment $20$20$20$20$20$20$20
Facial WaxingAssociateLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4ALevel 4AA
Brow Wax$14$16$18$20$22$24$26
Lip Wax$14$16$18$20$22$24$26
Chin Wax$14$16$18$20$22$24$26